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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Update..

Well.. am back again.. I had plan on coming back earlier, but that is before I had a ton of running around to do.. and had a flareup of my pain.. am taking both meds and still feel like my whole body is on slow burn.. and my joints feel like they are all swollen.. am not sure why.. anyone have any suggestions.. I am on Lyrica and Tramadol for two different kinds of pain.. they were working.. but the last 3 days I am barely under control.. hurts to type and crochet.. which really makes me feel like I am totally behind in everything.. and frustrates me.. sigh..

Still working on slippers.. got a number of orders for slippers to get done.. and even if I feel worse, I have to get it done... as people are expecting them.. so since something has to go.. it probably will be this.. unfortunely.. I hope you understand..

We finally got the Christmas decorations down.. and I am finally finding time to send the pictures here.. lol.. well.. better late than never.

This was our tree and my manger that my mom had made for me back in 1978.. brings back wonderful memories of my mom.

Here are also some pictures of my cats under the tree.. the first one is Fiona and you can see Julius in the back corner..

And here is Zeb and Julius.. Zeb is the black and white one.. He is my oldest cat at almost 16.

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