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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Too Darn Hot!!

Just got back in from fertilizing and watering my garden, and hanging a load of clothes outside.. it is unbelievably hot.. they say it is 90 degrees.. but that is at the airport.. which means it is probably at least another 5 -6 degrees hotter here.. I am not having a good time of it.. lol.. am sure alot of people are saying that.. thankfully we have air conditioners both up and down..

One thing this heat is doing.. is it is really making my crops grow like crazy.. my peppers, tomatoes are doing the best.. also got some eggplants growing and cucumbers.. picked a few zucchini today.. unfortunately also had to pull out 3 dying plants too.. sigh..

The heat is definitely affecting my cats.. one of my sick cats (he has kidney disease) really isnt doing well.. we had to go back to force feeding him.. he already is on two meds and fluids.. I am really hoping he bounces back..

I did get some crocheting done last night... finished off a birthday gift.. and working on an order of hanging towels.. I was suppose to go and mail orders today.. but they are going to have to wait another day.. cos I just cant convince myself to go back outside.. and especially get in the car..
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