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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tired today.. but just wanted to drop a note..

I just figured I would drop a line and say hi.. I should be doing sales stuff.. but to tell you the truth I am just too tired.. think a night to watch TV and crochet would be in order.. if I can stay awake.. lol..

I just wanted to remind everyone that I do dishcloths in Simply Soft yarn.. soft, like cotton in texture, but drys a lot faster and doesn't fade like cotton..

I currently am making a few for sale.. in a variegated ocean blues/green blend.. trimmed in yellow gold.. and finished one in yellow gold with a ocean blues/green blend.. I should have some pictures soon.. I previously made some for a bridal shower.. here is one that is in white with a navy trim..

You can order these in your choice of colors.. for $1.75 each.. if you order 10 or more in the same blend of colors.. they are only $1.50 each..
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