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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Busy couple of days..

With the warmer weather, we are working on cleaning up and out.. got the back room done last week.. now  been working on washing the curtains, furniture throws, and outside on the deck. as well as planting and shopping..

I got my dirt for my pots as well as my fertilizer.. every year I mix new dirt with last years dirt in my pots for my veggies.. adding coffee grinds, grounded up eggshells, fertilizer.. seems to work as my veggies seem to do very well..

So far my spinach is coming up.. but not my lettuce or my peppers.. dont know if my seeds were too old or what... gonna give it a day more.. then try two new pots.. am missing my lettuce big time.. plan on doing my cucumber and green bean seeds tomorrow.. needed to get some computer stuff done today.. as I am locked home since my car is in the shop.. sigh.. at least we got all the shopping done before it broke down. ugh.. will update stuff on Monday.. smile..

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