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Monday, September 2, 2013

Michelle's Update - Garden Produce and Homemade Salsa recipe

Well.. I haven't been here for a while.. had alot to do the last couple of days..

First.. I picked a bunch of veggies from my garden.. The picture above was just one days worth of veggies.. Then I decided to make salsa from the tomatoes and peppers.. I dont can, so needed to find a freezer salsa recipe.. and to my surprise there were tons of them.. I ended up using this one from Taste Of Home

I picked that one because I had most of the stuff needed and I could easily change it around.. I removed the hot peppers, vinegar, sugar, and salt and added a jar of taco sauce I had (mild).. cut the red pepper in half (dont like really hot stuff).. and had my first taste last night.. came great..

Froze up the beans, gave away some of the eggplant and we breaded and fried the rest of it..

This weekend was my we had a cookout and had over some of the neighbors, and my daughter in law and grandboys.. it was very nice.. made homemade pasta salad from some of the veggies, tuna mac salad, and grilled chicken legs, thighs, ribs and hot dogs.. and brownies for dessert (I LOVE chocolate).. was just a very nice day..

Yesteday needed to catch up with things on the computer.. as I got free ads on Ebay.. also working on 3 different sets of hanging towels and a set of cupcake potholders.. more about that tomorrow)..
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