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Friday, July 20, 2012

Update On Cat's Meow Crochet Sites

Hi.. just a note to let you know what is up for Cat's Meow Crochet!! Remember.. you can always get up to date news on my blog.. see link below!! Joining to get the emails directly will help you get the update news for everything in my life.. (not alot I promise.. smile).. You also can see the Cat Meow Crochet news on my Facebook page (link below).

Now just a quick note on my Buy Sell Community Store -- I will be closing this.. as I sell out the items in it.. and just will be placing them in my Etsy store.. it saves me time by linking directly to Facebook and my storefront on Facebook.. and alot more people see my items I have for sale.. As a way to clear it out.. I am offering 10% off any items in the store at Buy Sell.. please use the links in there to order them.. instead of sending me a list.. smile.. if you order $20 or more.. I will throw in free shipping.. but it is only for the items in Buy Sell Community.. not on Etsy.. link is below..

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