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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are you watching the Olympics??

Are you watching the Olympics?  We are here.. I have to say I am surely enjoying them.. my TV is right by the computer so I can watch and type.. grin.. I especially love the Gymnastics.. was really happy to see our team win the Gold (women's).. and also the swimming.. Am so glad to see Micheal Phelps win.. I cant believe he now is the record holder for the Olympic Medals.. really enjoyable..

My boyfriend and I helped his brother today.. after we finished that.. I was out in my garden picking veggies.. smile..  so took the rest of the afternoon to cut up and freeze more veggies.. I will be picking more tomorrow.. Have peppers ready to pick and get ready for the freezer.

Well.. I got my order for cat collars done and the pics done.. once I get my orders packed.. I will put up pictures.. smile.. probably tomorow.. so gonna end.. have to get these orders packed.. and the invoices out tonight.. have a good evening!!

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