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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feeling Better Today..

Good afternoon.. today will be a bit slower for me.. taking it easy and watching the Olympics while doing sales stuff. I have alot to get done today.. 

I have to say it is quite nice to watch the Olympics.. especially with Micheal Phelps making his goal.. and the Women's Gymnastic team doing so well.. I especially like Gabby.. smile.. I have a cat named Gabby, that was a bottle fed baby.. smile.. she had a tough time with her life (esp since we found out she has Feline Aids, it wont be ending), and we almost lost her 4 times due to health problems.. 

It is a new month.. so putting stuff on Ebay.. I like that they give you 50 free ads a month.. so I really do use them.. smile.. I put up items from both my storefronts.. smile.. Check it out.. if you want to..

I still have to download pictures and put them up.. so only ones I have to list now are more garden ones.. Here are pictures of my yellow squash and some of some flowers I have.. I will have more later today to put up... smile..
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