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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Making change online..

I spend the week usually working on sales, orders, and other online stuff that just builds up.. Sunday is my day for catching up.. that is when I get caught up for the week for my clicks and surveys at places like My Points and Send Earnings.. I will discuss these two today.. I have been using both for years.. more on the others next week.. 


My Points is probably the most famous.. you get points for shopping online, doing surveys, searching the web, clicking on emails, and other things..  you can use your points for gift cards and now.. new.. get cash via PayPal..I have belonged to them for years.. and have gotten alot of gift cards (usually Target as we can get anything there).. I would love to put the click in to get credit for this. but my points doesnt have one.. you have to send them the email addy.. so if you want to sign up for this.. and give me credit.. email me and let me know.. smile.. 


This is another site I have belonged to for years is Send Earnings.. (you can see their link on the left).. I have received several checks from them.. it takes a long time to get enough points to get the check but you do receive one.. This site is especially good if you like playing games, shop online, and do surveys as you get credit here for them.. found another blog who talked about Send Earnings.. you can read his too.. if you decide to sign up.. please use the link on the left.. or click here.. either will give me credit.. smile.. 

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