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Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Murphy's Law Day..

Picked up a temporary housesitting job.. sounds easy.. doesnt it.. well.. with the driving here and back.. and everyone and their cousin wanting me to drive them places (mind you I told everyone I wouldnt be available this week.. ).. and trying to finish off orders and get my stuff done on the computer.. working on the garden (before more stuff rot on the vines, etc).. and just keeping up.. I am exhausted.. and this day just hasnt been a good one..
First my brake light went out… so how did I find out.. lol.. a cop stopped me.. thankfully I didnt get a ticket.. so I had to get the bulbs.. my BF tried to put them on (I was suppose to already be at my friends to drive her shopping.. that I had to cancel twice before because of other stuff this week).. and of course it wouldnt work.. so I told him let me go to our mechanic.. he snapped at me.. and then I SNAPPED (very loudly) at him.. and he got mad.. sigh.. got it done.. and went to pick up my friend… who of course wasnt ready.. I melted down.. so she decided not to go.. lovely.. so went home.. got ready to leave for my housesitting job.. packed my meal.. hit the bank (cos I needed toll money).. and at each stop things just went wrong.. even the store I stopped at to pick up stuff I needed.. I couldnt cos their machine was down.. and I had exactly enough money I needed for everything else but the groceries.. UGH!! Makes me want to just lay down and cry.. 
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