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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can't Believe It Is Saturday Already..

Well.. it is Saturday.. smile.. still working on sales stuff.. lol. and still trying to find time to get some crochet in.. went shopping yesterday.. and by the time I got home.. ate dinner.. did wash.. hung it.. it was too late to start a project.. but I did get my yarn ready.. and put away the other yarn I was using for the dishclothes.. smile.. I think tonight I might start with the animal slippers instead.. got the yarn ready for a duckie.. and a frog.. smile.. we will see if I get to it toight.. 

This morning, I spend the morning working on still yet more laundry.  Got a load on the outside line drying..  do any of you hang your clothes outside.. I just love the smell of laundry hanging outside.. I generally only use my dryer just to do a final dry and delint the clothing.. I also worked in my garden.. and had to reprop up my tomatoes.. they well all hanging over.. got done with that.. and had to pick up a bunch of tomatoes that I knocked off the vines.. guess we will be eating fried green tomatoes again soon.. grin.. I also got alot of green beans and green peppers.. so it looks like later I will be cutting up some veggies for the freezer.. 

It is definitely cooler.. barely hitting 70 here. I am very happy about that.  I dont like the heat. Well I do need to get on to my emails and sales stuff for today.. so I guess that is all for now.. smile.. Have a nice day!!
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