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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just not catching up.. smile.

Well... I had hoped to have pictures for you.. but unfortunely just didnt have time to do them.. it took longer than I expected to pack all my orders (a few got paid last night).. then I had to work on my slippers.. I will definitely have them done then.. 
This is the sale I am getting ready for:


We are WNY's Twice-Yearly Upscale Kids' Consignment Events!
Find 1000's of Brand Name, Excellent Quality clothing, toys, & gear
in an upscale, retail store environment!!  

FALL EVENT: October 25-28, 2012 
Premier Plaza, 7980 Transit in Williamsville, NY

I will be making and selling my kid's slippers there.. smile.. as well as taking orders for additional ones that they want. I of course will also be selling online.. but not until after the sale.. so yes, you can special order yours at any time.. smile.. I hope to have at least 7 - 9 different styles to show.. and sell directly.. smile.. 
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