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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Wasn't A Good Day..

After I had finished all my computer work, my boyfriend told me to look at one of our cats because she wouldnt eat (which for her was very unusual).. checked her over and thought.. she really is having problems swallowing.. so had to make a slurry of baby food and Pedialyte (only thing I had in the house) and had to force feed her (she was dehydrated a bit too).. so spent my evening, trying to crochet in between feedings.

This am, I took her in.. and yep.. her mouth was really infected and her throat swollen, so they kept her.. Guess they had to pull a bunch of teeth (dont know how many cos I didnt talk to my Vet).  Well, that all threw my day off.  I had shopping to do.. and alot of running around to get done also.. so I didnt have time to take any photos of my newest project. Guess you will all have to wait until tomorrow.. For tonight I am going to relax and crochet because I have another busy day tomorrow and Saturday.

I am working on a pair of duckie slippers.. here is a picture of ones I made previously. I am not making the toy.. just the duckie slippers..
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