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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pictures from the Fair

I dont know if you know this.. but I am a retired LVT (Vet Tech).. so naturally I have to go and see the animals.. smile.. First picture is of the Alpacas.. I love this animals.. first of all they are sooo cute.. and secondly.. their fur is used to make yarn.. and makes some of the softest garments you can feel.. smile.. 

Next came the rabbits.. I used to pet sit a bunny just like this one.. smile.. unfortunely for this one.. it was listed under fryers.. so I imagine it was a meat rabbit.

 This is a brown swiss cow.. their milk is really creamy.. and is used for making cheese generally.. 
These are your typical dairy cows.. they are called holsteins.. and they produce most of the milk you drink.. 

Had to get a picture of the piglets.. smile. they are so cute..

Final pictures tomorrow..
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