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Friday, August 10, 2012

More on the fair and a busy day!!

Busy day today.. had to pick up my cat, Gabby at the Vet today.  She had 6 teeth pulled... poor baby.. and she isnt even two years old. one of the typical problems with cats with Feline Aids.  Then after that.. I had to take my brother in law for his road test.. of course he wanted to drive for a bit too.. so by the time I got that all done.. and got to where I needed to be.. I was beat.. and took a nap.. Grin..

Pulled the Winner for my contest.. that I had up on Facebook.. for my Old & New Shoppe Facebook Page.. You can see about it here...  The Winner was Paula Smith.. just emailed her..

Now more about the fair.. while I was there.. of course I hit the craft area.. one of the best items up there as a Tricolor winner was this giraffe.. incredibly made by a 18 yr old girl named Abby.. I had to take a picture of it.. and yes, it is as big as it looks.. 8 feet tall.. Here is a blog entry at the Erie County Fair Blog about it..
what do you think about this?? LOL.. more coming again tomorrow..
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