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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pre Tuesday Post.. Organizing my craft room..

I just fell in love with this.. My craft room is really small.. and totally unorganized.. (I would be scared to put up pictures.. lol.. ).. I saw this on another blog.. and thought.. why cant I do this.. gonna look into ideas for this for this month.. lets just say you have given me ideas.. smile..

Then looking thru her blog.. I saw this.. and thought.. wow... this would be even better..

I know this is a kid's room.. but this big kid needs exactly this.. look at those bins on the right.. clear bids for my yarn. space to put my book cases for my books.. yep.. even space for my computer. yep this is what I need.. smile.. Guess I can just dream for now.. smile..

My original post was suppose to save.. and not send.. lol.. this is suppose to be my Tuesday Post.. but guess I am sending it now..
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