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Friday, August 17, 2012

My Friday Post!

Busy day for me.. had to get some of my tomatoes cut up and froze.. since they were getting overripe.. have a bunch more to pick later.. I am sure I will enjoy them come winter.. lol.. I love my homemade sauce with my homegrown tomatoes.. smile. 

Sales stuff are keeping me busy.. got a day or so to put up free ads on Ebay.. and I also have some items out on Etsy that are expiring.. so I have to send ads for them.. guess that will keep me busy for the rest of the day.. lol..

These are the items that are expiring on Etsy..  I lowered the prices and the postage (no handling charge now).. I now mail patterns to Canada:  Check them out.. 

Kids quick knit overalls and cardigan:  $1.50

Girl's Fair Isle Cardigan: $1.75

Aran Sweaters for Children: $1.50

I do want to get started on those booties.. by the time I did my home stuff.. and packed my orders.. it was almost time for bed.. so I just worked on reading my books.. am reading BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES.. for some ideas.. smile.. Got it out of my local library.. so far it has given me some good ideas.. 
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