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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some Days Are Just Busy..

Today I had to do a number of little projects.. you know how that is.. I am sure.. smile.. first.. I decided to make stuffed peppers using my peppers I picked from my garden.. used ground turkey and leftover rice, seasoned it with  no salt seasonings, Italian seasonings, and diced onions.  Topped with diced tomatoes (from a can), seasoned with the same seasonings.. will make a nice dinner tonight.. 

Since, I had 3 orders yesterday.. two on Ebay and one for my crochet dishclothes, so I had to get all those invoices ready.. and in one case, bill the person.. that is all done and now I just need to print out the invoices and pack all three orders for delivery.. that makes me happy.. 

Next I noticed I had several ads running out on Etsy.. thought I would just advertise those three items.. since they will run out tomorrow..  will need to do 4 more tomorrow for the next day.. I wont be extending my ads for my patterns there.. just will use Ebay and Buy Sell Community as they seem to sell better there.. It was a learning experience.. like everything in life.. 

Next I will be working on these really cool booties for infants.. I got the pattern at Etsy.. I can show you the link.. but not the pattern picture.. as she doesnt allow that.. smile.. I hope to make brown and tan ones and blue with red ones (Buffalo Bills colors).. I havent decided yet on making the toy with them, or making a matching hat.. or both.. what do you think?

Well.. will be back tomorrow.. with more!!

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