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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Latest pictures of my project

Well.. I got done with the first pair of slippers for kids for the sale I will be doing in Oct (more about that in a later message).. I still have the eyes and nose to put on... still deciding which way I want to do them.. I dont want to use removable eyes since these are for young kids.. so I am left with sewing or paint.. which do you think I should use?
I am now working on a pair of yellow duckie ones.. smile.. got one slipper part done.. and should be starting the second one tonight.

Today I just was so busy.. had alot of veggies to pick and put in the freezer.  I now am doing that every other day.. smile. anyways.. I made a pot of chicken veggie soup (leftover chicken that I boiled yesterday with alot of my veggies from my garden and leftovers in the frig with noodles).. we had that for lunch.  For dinner it will be meatloaf (ground turkey), pierogies, and salad from my garden.. that is cooking now... 

Ebay is doing a special so I can put more items up (in most cases, just reup them).. so that has to be on my list for today also.. Cant say I am bored with life.. lol.. talk to you all tomorrow.. who knows. maybe more pictures too. 

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