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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update on Gardening.. and still yet another pattern I found..

Just found a really cute pattern.. I have alot of leftover small amt of yarn (cottons) and some beads.. think these would  be nice scrunchies.. got the idea from this pattern.. . Called a Cutie Fruity Toddler Bracelet or Hair Tie.

Yesterday was just too hot and humid for me.. worked in my garden fertilizing (yes, I use Miracle Grow.. only time I am organic is in the beginning... smile).. moved some pots around (got some catlitter boxes to put under some of the squash pots).. ate a quick dinner, took a nice cool shower.. and then just sat and crocheted in my room for the evening.. got a bunch of dishclothes done (need to take some pics tonight).. it just was too hot for my asthma..

Since it rained last night (finally).. it wasnt as bad today.. so I got a real good look at my plants this am.. my zucchini and yellow squash are coming up alot.. found flowers on my cucumbers and my pepper plants (both green and red).. and found some tomatoes on my cherry tomato plants.. YAY!!

Picked a salad for lunch.. romaine lettuce, some green beans, and a small zucchini I accidently broke off.. topped with cheese and some black olives.. smile.. nice lunch for me..

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