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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Humid Sunday!!

It finally rained here.. not enough to do anything.. just make it more humid.. humidity is starting to go down.. down to 62% now.. temp of 80.. not alot to alot of people. but we in Buffalo are just not used to this kind of weather.. they officially said we are in a drought.. and yah. sure looks like it.. all the lawns are brown and dried out.. only good part is we dont need to cut the grass.. grin..

Been picking alot of summer squash.. so some of my friends have gotten some.. stopped over a friend's house last night.. and visited and got a bunch of stuff  back from her.. lol.. guess it was a fair exchange.. smile.

I think Sundays will be my day for just catching up with stuff.. no sales going out.. no new items going up.. Just a nice long note on my blog.. just need a break once in a while.. smile.. I do have orders to pack and mail.. and an order to start.. just been focusing on making and using up crochet cotton in dishclothes.. I do have a few more to add tomorrow.. New sales going out too..

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.. have to hit the post office and mail orders, visit my cat in the animal hospital and find out if they are going to do surgery on him.. he keeps blocking.. poor cat.. and then I have an appt for the afternoon. Here is a picture of him.. his name is Link.. but I call him Linkie.. lol.. He is the Orange and White one.. the Black and White one is Zeb..

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