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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Did you miss me?? Smile!

Sorry I didnt get here yesterday.. but I was really busy with catching up on emails and doing stuff around the house.. and I took a quick visit to visit a friend (and give her some of my summer squash... lol!!)

Yesterday I cut up a ton of summer squash and froze it.. and still have a bunch growing.. smile.. my garden is going to be overflowing this year!!  I will take some pictures later today when I am back outside watering (need to water 3 times per day right now).. and fertiziling..

Right now I am working on doing some major cleaning of my living room.. vacuuming furniture and pulling off and washing the furniture covers. Wanted to get it done.. as we got a few days of rain coming (promises.. promises.. grin!!)..

I like to leave my evenings for watching TV and crochteting.. I am working on finishing off a dishcloth.. then will be working on an order for cat collars.. smile.. I use this pattern..

I have made these before.. here are two that I made previously.

If you are interested.. email me from my website.

See you all later.. and have a good day!
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