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Monday, April 29, 2013

Boy am I selling..

on Ebay.. my patterns are going like crazy.. world wide.. Just sold a bunch to Australia and one to Russia.. that is a first. I think my main focus will be on Ebay sales for my items.. as much as I like selling on the Yahoo Groups, they are not just selling anymore.. not worth my while to focus on that.. sorry as I am to say it..

Anyways.. I didnt do any crochet last night.. caught this nasty cold and my brain is like mush.. not a good time to focus on crocheting an advanced pattern.. so I read and finished my book.  I just put it up for sale on Ebay too.. I liked it enough to probably get more of these books.. eventually.. probably at the library if they have them.

So tonight I will start another book.. Independence Day by Dean Devin and Roland Emmerich.

Gardening update.. got my pots ready for my lettuce and spinach.. hope to plan them later today.. I am dying for some fresh lettuce!! That is all for today!!
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