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Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Weekend... so far. (LONG)

Oh.. for me, the weekends are even more busier than the weekdays... this weekend was no exception. first of all.. Ebay decided to give me still yet another bunch of free ads (that is the only time I put things on Ebay!).. and I had alot of spaces to fill (over 100).  So I knew that was going to keep me busy..

I also had to finish another order of those sneaker slippers.. I had made good time on them.. and was expecting to finish them on Sat.  To my dismay, I discovered I made an error practically to the beginning of the second slipper (miscounted a row) and had to frog it to the sole practically.. NOT HAPPY!!

Saturday started with a shopping expedition.. what was a simple food shopping trip ended up a major shopping trip.. to a clothing store, a party store, and yes, a food store.. we were out so long that we ended up eating at Applebees, where I had a wonderful sandwich of roast beef, bacon, mushrooms, onions with fries.. talk about FULL!!

Came home and just brought my poor honey a roasted chicken from Wegmans as he isnt feeling good and he had that with some leftover sides. I then hit the computer and put some ads up on Ebay and then went back to crocheting until  I felt tired..

Today.. in between washing clothes, sheets and blankets (yep.. major washing day and it is sunny, so I am hanging them outside).. I am putting still yet more items up for sale.. I just put up a bunch of books, VHS tapes and of course knitting and crochet patterns.. most of my items are priced to clear, and I try to keep the  postage costs as low as possible.. do check me out!!

Well.. time to get back to putting items up.. I still have room for 50 more items!!
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