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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update on my crocheting..

Well.. I finished the sneaker slippers.. I will have pictures tomorrow of those. Been busy with my house the last couple of days.  Now that it is warmer, we needed to clear out our back room from the winter and get rid of what we didnt want.  That is what we did yesterday.  Today was shopping and working on deck. getting rid of what didnt make it thru the winter and starting to organize my pots for my spring planting.. am so looking forward.  Since it was so nice today, I decided it was  good day for chicken cooked on our grill.. along with homemade macaroni/tuna salad.

Up here for about a half hour before I get on to my crocheting again.  I started my next order.  It is a 70's style camisole.. which I got the pattern on Etsy.. you can see the link here.  As you can see here, this one is white.. I am making it in sport weight Simply Soft Black.. really like working with that yarn.  I dont have an exact price for what I am selling this for so far.  It will depend on the pattern and the amount of yarn.

Well. that  is all for now.. heading over to Ebay to put a couple more items up.  See you tomorrow or Thursday with the pictures.
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