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Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of the year already..

Well.. another year has ended.. and another year starting.. been working on doing my end of year paperwork.. and thinking ahead for next year.. I hope to have some new items up for sale.. plus work on more fun projects for me.. smile.. right now I am working on an order of KrissKross dishclothes that I got on Etsy.. I should be finished by the end of the weekend.. and will put up some pictures then..

I already know I need to make some changes both in my stores and in my life.. One change will be Listia.. I am cutting back to once or twice a month only.. simply cos I dont have time plus the postage is getting too high and will be raised next month..

Ebay will stay open with about 50 items per month only..

My main focus will be Etsy and my Facebook page.. hopefully that will leave more time for crocheting.. and less time on the computer.. I also have several ideas I want to work on.. more about that later..

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.. see you next year..
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