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Friday, March 14, 2014

Website Update 1

Well... I have been working steadily on closing the old website.. the major problem is all my emails I have saved.. had NO idea I had so many saved.. mostly working on transferring them.. and will focus on cleaning through them at a later time..

On my new page.. On the home page I added pictures of items I already made that went with the color of the page.. adding new ideas as I think them up..

So far I have a direct link to my Etsy store and my blog.. a page to my Photobucket page.. a page for prices.. it is a blog page, that I thought would be a good page for listing prices..for custom orders (that later will be an actual fill in the blank order form, but for now with it being a freebie.. I only have my email address there).. Hope everyone goes and checks it out.. and lets me know what you think..

Gonna try to go and make changes every few days.. smile..
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