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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crochet and Gardening Update

First the gardening.. well.. I got my seeds planted.. except for the zucchini seeds which just arrived yesterday.. plan on doing those tomorrow... so far I have one yellow squash up.. nothing else.. next week I hope to go and get my tomatoes and any other plant that hasnt came up by then.. not rushing cos it is still below 55 degrees at night.. not weather for most of these plants.. I hope to have some pictures then too..

Now my crocheting.. I have been working on hanging towels for sale ( no pics yet) and these dishclothes.. these are the first of the 50.. I plan on making 10 of these.. 5 in navy with white and 5 in white with navy.. then switch to a different design.. I love this lacy shell.. very pretty... and not hard to do.. you can see I havent finished off the loose threads yet.. figure I will do them all at once..

You can find the pattern online at Craftown.. Shell Dishcloth.. I will take pictures of the white and navy ones after I start them..
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