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Friday, June 6, 2014

Dishcloth Update

Well.. sorry I havent been here.. doing alot right now.. with crochet, gardening, and just all the chaos that seems to hit this house.. I have finished some of the dishcloth order.. just finished more of the shells.. this time 5 of white with navy edging.. You can see the link to the pattern on the previous entry.. 

The sad part about it is.. I had ordered online Dark Country Blue since Simply Soft didnt come in Navy.. come to find out that Hobby Lobby had a comparable yarn in Navy.. sigh.. so I may need to remake the first bunch.. just gonna go on forward from now..

I started the next design for here.. this one is a basketweave pattern also in dark country blue and white. This one was a practice one.. a bit smaller than I wanted for the order.. so I will put this one up for sale.. $1.75.. if anyone wants it.. going on Etsy in a day or so.. You can see this pattern online also.. the link to the website is HERE.

I also got an order for another type of dishcloth and scrubbie on Etsy.. so my next entry will be pictures of that.. Already half finished with the dishcloth.. so should finish them both in a day or so..
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