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Monday, May 26, 2014

New Towels Updated..

I was busy all weekend.. even though it is Memorial Day today.. This will be my day of rest(?).. Saturday my son, his girlfriend, and my 2 grandboys took me out for a belated Mother's Day lunch.. we went to a riverside cafe called Old Man River, which is one of our favorite places to visit over the summer.. I got a humongous hamburger with swiss cheese and mushrooms.. and of course their sweet potato fries (which is the major reason I like to go).. then after we were done.. we went to my best friend's house where my honey was helping her do the yard stuff.. and stayed there until evening.. the next day we went back again to finish up.. and have a barbecue.. So today I am just gonna rest (well.. except for my usual stuff -- laundry, dinner in the slow cooker, made pasta salad). Just relaxing now as dinner cooks..

I did get a bunch of hanging towels done.. some for an order.. Now finished with that major order for hanging towels! And also did some to put up for sale.. you can see the summer fruits one below ..  I am finishing one more set of hanging towels for sale.. then switching to dishclothes for a different order.. pictures and links next time..

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