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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Update..

I know I havent been here in a while.. I have been busy with orders as well as putting items up on Ebay and Listia.. I have been putting up both my sachets and my Xmas stars and been getting alot of orders -- both via Listia and also paid orders. 

You can order these both items on either Ebay or Etsy.. and both are made custom in what colors you want.. 

Sachets - 

The sachets can be ordered filled with dried lavender or dried peppermint leaves.. both are from the Co-op and are organic.. they can be refreshed by getting the essential oils.. and can be used over and over again.. Pretty gift for a teacher, pet sitter, a friend.. etc.. a great stocking stuffer.. 

Ebay -  This link runs out in a day.. so I will update you with the new one in a day or so.. 

Christmas Stars -

These would make a nice item on top of a package, in a card, or even a group of them as a gift.

I sell these in sets of 5.. in your choice of colors and yarn.. You can choose between glitter yarn or Simply Soft.. or even a combo of the two.. the stars come in two colors.. so I will need your choice of the two colors.. and yes, you can mix and match any or all colors you want..  

They are also about 4 inches in size.. 

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