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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Long Update for Me!!

Sorry I havent been here in a LONG time.. in between flareups of my fibro, trying to get some of my orders done and out, doing my sales in Ebay (they changed things.. and postage changed, so I have been updating there too).. and just trying to keep up with life and all its disasters.. I had to put this behind..

First I did finally finish the sneaker slippers I had an order for.. put away the slippers for my friend.. as she is willing to wait for it.. and get the orders done that had to be done.. I did a pair of sneaker slippers.. pattern here. Here is a closeup of the side..

I am now working on a star bunting for a baby.. I am just about 1/3 done.. smile.. it is coming very nice.. Pattern can be found here..  I hope to have some pictures by next week..

Of course I am working on my Ebay items for sale.. I am selling books that I am finished reading, as well as DVD's and VHS tapes that we already watched.. I also am reselling my patterns that I have finished scanning to clear them out.. smile.. that part is going slow.. lol.. as I dont leave myself alot of time to scan items.. I generally have around 100 items up for sale at one time.. give or take.. what doesnt sell there.. goes to Listia to be bidded off as a freebie..

This winter has been horrible.. really low temperatures in the single digits or even minus.. and that is without the wind chills.. so going out was really hard on me.. often I ended up with a flareup of my fibro and ended up in bed for a couple days at at time.. so then just read books.. I am currently reading a series by Sarah Graves,, Her Home Repair is Homicide series.. it is both funny, entertaining, and nice mysteries.. I do recommend them to everyone.. I am currently reading Nail Biter..

Well.. guess that is my total update for today.. hope to be back soon..
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