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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Update.. Football Slippers

I had time so decided to do a Sunday Update.. smile.. thought you would like to see my progress on my newest slippers.. I am using Vanna Yarn.. which is softer than the Red Heart I used on the other football booties. Sure makes a difference..

This is where I ended on Thursday night.. I had only the first couple of rows of the toe..

Last night.. I worked more on the slipper while watching a really scary movie.. so alot of times I just sat with the yarn in my lap.. lol..

Since it is a larger size.. it is taking me a bit longer.. this picture is ithe slipper inside out.. the back part is easier to do, inside out for me.. Will have more pictures on Tues.. Monday of course will be my Shout Out.. so check for it.
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