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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well.. how are you all..

Only stopping in for a minute..another busy day for me.. got my garden done for today.. picked the last of my cucumbers (and pulled out the vines), picked tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and a whole bunch of green beans.. now for some reason they got their second wind.. grin..
Put away pot (buckets) that are not being used.. folded one load of clothes and one in the dryer now.. cut up and froze my veggies.. ate lunch (leftover tuna casserole), made stuffed peppers for dinner (they are in the slow cooker), finished up some surveys.. now just stopping in here before I head off to my sale stuff. smile.. I will have more pictures tomorrow.. or maybe tonight.. depending on how busy I am.. of the towels I just finished and will be putting up for sale..
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