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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update On Knit Look Slipper

I have had a busy week so far.. just havent had time to come on the computer.. and when I do have some free time, I have been crocheting.. I finally mostly finished the Knit Look Slipper that I talked about in my last blog entry.. I thought you would like to see it so far.. front and side views.. I had a real problem with the top of the slipper.. the pattern called for a slip stitch fabric with a Icord chain in the middle.. after trying this for a couple of days.. I realized that I just wasnt gonna be able to do this.. my hands just wont let me.. so I make up a topper that went well.. I thought. what you all think? I still have 4 more pairs of these to do.. so glad I figured out a way around the problem.. this should make the others go easier.

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