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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Garden.. Part 1

I took alot of pictures.. rather than send them all at once.. will spread them out between two days.. cos I want to talk about my garden..

One thing I noticed.. is that I switched fertilizer this year.. what I used to do was crush eggshells, and add coffee and Miracle Grow to my garden every year.. this year I decided to try a new product, mostly because it already had Calcium in it.. Calcium is necessary for tomatoes and peppers to prevent Blossom Rot (which I got last year on some of my tomatoes.  This food seems to have made my plants grow like crazy.. A much noticeable growth spurt.  I dont ever remember having tomatoes on my plants this early in the year.

It comes in pellets.. I just added a small handful as I planted each plant.. it is suppose to last 3 months.. so I figure I will need to add more in August, which in this area is halfway thru our growing season..

My Tomatoes 

My Husky ones already have tomatoes on them..which surprised me as I planted them last.. You can clearly see them here..

My Big Daddy Tomatoes  I expected these to get tomatoes first as I bought them with flowers. but they are really surprising me.. they are full of tomatoes.. I definitely will have to get these again next year.. you can see one of them in the picture on the right.

More tomorrow..
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