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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rain? What rain??

Yesterday I went out and got my garden plants.. my normal place I get them wasnt open anymore.. so we ended up getting them at True Value.. I now got 4 kinds of peppers, 3 kinds of tomatoes, eggplant (not the white one I wanted), and got seeds for summer squashes and cucumber.. not happy I couldnt get the actual plants.. I spend a very hot day yesterday working on planting off and on.. really hot and humid.. and had to take breaks off and on all day.. was rushing cos we had rain and thunderstorms listed for Friday night to Sunday.

Rain.. What rain?? I had rain buckets out.. and I think maybe I got a half inch of water.. ugh.. anyways.. I still have 3 more pots of peppers to do minimum (got some seedlings started from the actual peppers I got from the store).. and need to get more pots ready for the seedlings I am hoping I get from the summer squash seeds I put in starter pots.. I will take some pictures.. probably Sunday night.. no time today... today is my ads day.. time to sell things on Ebay and Listia.. lol.. New stuff going up..

I also did get my towels up too on Etsy.. two new towels listed.. First one is an apple hanging towel.. I have two of these.. Then I also finished off two Lilac Towels.. do check them out..

APPLE TOWEL                                         LILAC TOWEL

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