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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just quickly stopping in..

I have been really busy for the last couple of days. with shopping and other "fun" stuff like that.. the beginning of the month is always busy for me.. but even more than usual with Dr. appts, shopping for my boyfriend (clothing and stuff), and other things like that..

I got most of my planting done.. some of my peppers and tomatoes are already flowering.. I got a couple of squashes that came up.. no idea if they are the yellow or green.. with the cool damp weather we have been  getting.. I dont know if my seeds are even going to come up.. looks like we will be buying our squashes and green beans.. sigh.. unless I can find plants somewhere.. no luck so far.

I been working on fruit coasters.. got the watermelon, apple and lemon one done.. and working on the strawberry one.. I hope to get pictures after this busy weekend for me..

Then Ebay decided to offer me freebie ads.. so I am trying to get done with that.. have alot of patterns to rehome.. smile.. just taking a break from that to drop you all a line.. and say hi..
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