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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Garden Part 2

The Peppers

This time it is my peppers.. I have several different types of peppers.. some I even grew from seeds.. we use alot of peppers.. so thought getting extra would be a good idea.. just didnt know all my seedlings would make it.. well all but 3.. smile. I took some pictures of them.. As you can see I really believe in recycling and reusing.. I took these cat litter containers.. punched holes in the bottom.. and made planters out of them.. I also use painters buckets.. both to catch water and to put plants in.. I reuse these every year. just combine them with new soil (mix old and new soil yearly), coffee grinds, eggshells and fertilizer.. it works for me.. smile.. I use empty containers for water.. so my plants that really need the water (peppers and tomatoes) have a source all the time. I get my cat litter boxes at the dollar store.. they are perfect for these.. and low cost.. also reuse them yearly..

These are my Lady Bell Peppers.. they are the first ones to grow peppers. 

Check back on Wednesday for more of my gardening.. Tomorrow will be an update on my crocheting.
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