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Monday, August 12, 2013

Just been busy..

Been helping out a friend doing a housesitting job for her.. so tied up alot.. but that is ok.. sure helps me get my crocheting done.. lol.

Anyways.. I did make to the fair this year.. mostly to go and see the Three Dog Night.. nice concert.. I did make it to a couple of buildings.. of course the Agricultural Grange building.. where I saw a ton of veggies.. smile.. just wanted to know how it compared with mine.. lol..

And I went to the Creative Arts building.. have to say I wasnt impressed this year.. only half the entries from last year.. I took pics, but need to wait to get some batteries to download them.. burned out the batteries.. grin..

On the Crochet front.. I finished the pink sneaker slippers.. they came out nice.. hope to get pictures done tomorrow or so.. and I started the cupcake slippers.. they are coming nice.. almost got the first one done.. working on the cupcake topper now.. and then got the cherry.. cant wait to show you the pictures of those too.. smile..

Well.. that is my update now.. talk to you all later..
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