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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life Update

I certainly have been busy.. Summer is always my busiest time.. for everything.. but I have been clearing through things to cut back on things that arent profitable or a good use of my time..

I cut back on belonging to all my social Yahoo groups.. not quite the good use of time as I hardly ever am there and when I can.. I am lost in the discussions going on.. since I dont have time to go through all the emails.. they used to be fun.. but as my time got cut, it just became frustrating.. so I now try to keep in touch with the girls there on Facebook.. guess it helps.. alittle..

I also cut back on a number of Yahoo sales groups.. most of them dont even generate me sales.. so been removing them slowly but surely.. will keep a few.. but most will be gone by the end of they year.. since I am moving into sales on Facebook (now there I am selling.. alot).. and Ebay (for my non crochet items, which sell pretty good there)..

So to keep in touch all over.. I will use my blog and just put the link on pages.. I have been doing that and it has been working so far.. Dont know what you all think about that.. would love some suggestions..

My poor garden has been moved to the side for a while.. I will need to spend several days working to clear out and pick stuff.. I can see my summer squash has reached its limit.. didnt have enough plants this year as my seeds didnt come up for most of them.. and I only bought a 4 pack of zucchini.. but that wont hurt.. as I can go to the farmer's market for summer squash..

Also this year, some critter discovered my tomatoes.. alot been eatten (I still got alot though).. so next year I got to figure out a better place to put them.. or use some chicken wire fencing to keep them safe.. Any ideas on how to solve this problem.. let me know..

I am still working on the Mouse baby set.. working on the soaker right now.. not enough to show you pictures yet.. maybe next week..

Well.. that is all for today.. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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