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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zebra Slippers are Finished!!

Actually I finished them yesterday, but had a headache and just chilled and read a book all evening.. did a lot of stuff the last couple of days.. major house work.. gardening.. stuff like that..

Monday we had NO water.. major water break on our street.. sigh.. so had to hit the store and get 10 gallons of water to water the garden and have water for us and the pets.. still using bottled water as our water when turned back on.. came out reddish yellowish in color.. ugh..

Yesterday, our dog had his yearly visit with the vet.. they had to do a lot of tests on him as he was having problems.. he may have Diabetes Insipidus.. His blood and urine tests came out normal.. except for fact his urine wasnt concentrated.. sigh.. only I would end up with a dog with DI.

Anyways.. here are the completed slippers.. if you want to order them (these are made to order.. nor ready to order).. the prices are $8 for infant, $9 - $10 for Toddler to child, $11 - $12 for teens to adults.. Hope you like them.. I thought they came cute..

Side View
Front view
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