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Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Has Your Week Been?

To be truthful.. I had time to come here.. just has no energy to do it.. so I guess I can update all of you now..

First, how was your 4th of July? Mine was busy and slow at the same time. it was hot of course, but didnt rain after we barbecued outside.. did a ton of ribs and chicken.. for guests.. also made homemade pasta salad and macaroni tuna salad.. had a fair amount of leftovers.. and we are finally almost gone with it all.. lol..

The 5th I was busy with online stuff.. and crocheting an order.. got a number of orders now to do.. I finished off a new style of Watermelon coasters (one for an order and two as prizes for my raffle on my facebook page.

These ones have a red interior and edged with a darker green. I am selling these for $2.25 each.. buy 4 or more.. your cost would be $2 each.. Here is a link to my Etsy store for these.

Currently I am working on a pair of slippers that I told you about before.. I didnt like the sole.. so got a different type and used that sole.. and just kept the top the same.. I should have a picture of these in a day or so..

I also offered a special on Listia.. if the bid went over 600 points.. for microfiber towels I would edge them for free in a hanging towel.. two made it.. and I have to work on those now.. pics of those soon too..
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