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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cant Believe It Has Been Almost A Whole Week!

Dont know why the end of the month is so busy for me.. even worse going into this month.. First Ebay gave me a ton of free ads.. cant pass those up.. unfortunately (or should I say fortunately)  I sold alot in June, so I had to spend some time scanning new items to put up for sale.. these take alot of time.. then before I knew it.. it was time to start my monthly free ads.. If you want to see what I have up for sale there..

And of course, I have been putting stuff up on Listia.. as well as bidding there.. I already have won sooo many items.. mostly towels and buttons.. which of course I will use to make hanging towels for sale.. also have won some books and patterns.. really do enjoy doing this.. smile..
If you want to join the fun.. CLICK HERE

And last but least.. I have been crocheting orders and working in my garden.. I will have pictures of those coming up..
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