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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cooled Off.. Thankfully..
It was just so hot, I couldnt even think anymore.. not even crochet.. but finally we got hit by a nice thunderstorm on Saturday.. and boy what a difference!! it is alot cooler.. and the humidity is gone down.. I now feel human again.. lol..

Anyways.. I didnt work on the slippers.. was just too hot.. and too sick from it all.. and had alot to catch up online.. got all my ads up on Ebay.. and worked to put some items up in Buy Sell Community.. once I got done with that.. hit the sack and read.. and slept wonderfully.. sure needed that.. Today,I sure will be crocheting today.. anyways.. didnt have any neat pictures to put up.. so found this cute picture.. she has alot of cute clipart.. smile.. if you want to see her stuff.. click on the zebra picture..
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