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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Listia - New Towel Set and Update by Me..

I put a number of towels up on Listia to clear them out.. and they did very well there..  Here is a picture of the latest set.. this one is white.. with a white topper, edged in black with a black button.. as she requested..

This was a quick picture as I wanted to get it out in the mail today.. but it is clear enough for everyone to see..

We have been having a real heat wave here.. maybe for the Southerns, this doesnt sound bad.. but we are not quite used to this weather.. our temperatures have been in the high 80's to low 92's with humidity over 75% (most days it has been in the 90's).. this makes it very uncomfortable for me with Asthma and Fibro.. sigh.. and worse.. my hearing is lousy cos my hearing aid cant handle the humidity.. I feel like I am listening to Rice Krispies.. sigh.. so much crackling and popping... I just take it off.. lol.
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