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Friday, October 11, 2013

Cupcake Slippers For Adults..

Am working on a pair of trial cupcake slippers for adults.. using two different patterns and making into one..

First.. I am using the bottoms of the Crocodile Loafers (same ones I just used on my latest pair of Rainbow Slippers).. and of course using the Cupcake Slipper Pattern that I used in the Toddler version. just making  it larger..

So far I got the bottoms done.. I used a thinner yarn than usual ( I suspect this yarn was actually a DK and not regular worsted weight).. and also a G hook.. and the slippers came out smaller than they should have.. not to worry.. my next pair I just will use a H hook to counteract the gauge problem.. so my first pair will be a size 1 - 2 (which is a larger child size).. those will eventually hit my Etsy store. I wasnt focusing on my gauge.. but more on the pattern.. in order to combine both patterns, I had to make several changes.. and hence.. how it ended up too small..  Pictures coming soon.. I didnt think of taking pictures last night.. since while I was doing that.. we were also watching a movie called Assult on Wallstreet.. you can watch the trailer HERE.. This was a great movie.. dont want to let you in on too much.. but you really had to feel for the poor guy..
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