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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Busy day yesterday.. New hanging towel listed.

Well.. it is Sunday again.. my day for clearing out the week of computer stuff.. I need a day a week to do this.. as I get too busy with other things..  Advertising takes up as much time as crocheting.. didnt you kinow that.. smile..

Didnt have alot of time to crochet.. but did finish a set of Thanksgiving Towels.. I try to make an item every other day to put up for sale both on my pages and in my store.. got to do this to keep people interested.. I will find time today to work on the flamingo head.. anyways.. here are the two towels I did.. I love these.. came out great.. I topped it with a complimentary gold to go with the pattern, and edged in in fall variegated yarn.. then found these really nice brown buttons.. I know you cant see in the photo.. but these have a wood look to them.. not solid.. and they are plastic.. I have two available.. and can make two more (just dont have the same buttons)..

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