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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Started the Flamingo.. and the latest movie we are watching..

I decided to start the flamingo.. instead of finishing off the cupcake slippers.. I will work on those tonight.. lol.. I should finish them off with no problem..

This isnt my picture.. just wanted you to see the actual finished item as listed on the pattern. have to say this is adorable.. smile..

One of the best things about having a Roku is we can watch what we want to.. when we want to.. at a really low cost.. smile.. last night we watched first.. Shark Tank.. great shows.. love the ideas that flow from people... one of our favorite shows.. then we started a mini series.. called Delete.. you can see the info here on Netflix.. we watched the first part last night.. will finish tonight.. smile. I get most my crocheting done to my TV shows.. update probably tomorrow.. depending on how things go..

Happily.. I just sold a bunch of stuff on Etsy.. smile.. really makes me happy.. as well as auction a bunch of stuff on Listia.. Ebay is off my list to focus on.. as they got my account frozen.. and I can only list 40 at a time.. that is ok.. gives me more time with my other accounts..

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