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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Update..

Well.. havent done these for awhile.. smile.. Just thought I would stop in and let you know what is up in my world.. On the kitties front.. Sapphire is healed again.. back eating and moving around.. That makes me happy.. Gabby, on the other hand, is not healed up yet.. her one gland in her neck is still swollen.. if she isnt better by Tuesday I guess it will be time to visit the vet AGAIN..

On my stores.. been working hard to get some new items up for sale at Old & New Shoppe and Listia. I will be putting up alot of new patterns in both, and new books in Old & New Shoppe.. been doing alot of reading, so have alot to put up..

Sneaker Slipper, top view photo sneak_slip-1.jpgIn crocheting.. I finished off the pair of slippers I have been working on.. just need to attach them to the bottoms.. this is one pattern I will never use again.. I didnt like it.. to be honest.. If someone wants them.. I am definitely gonna charge double what I did agree on. I am now starting a pair of sneaker slippers.. like these.. except in gray and peach.. already started the bottoms..

I still need to finish a baby gift I started for someone.. as well as an order for a Camisole I got.. smile.. will update you with pictures during the week..
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